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The Cancer Genome Atlas TCGAa landmark cancer genomics program, molecularly characterized over 20, primary cancer and matched normal samples spanning 33 cancer types.

Forum adenoma prostatico joint effort between the National Cancer Institute and the National Human Genome Research Institute began inbringing together researchers from diverse forum adenoma prostatico and multiple institutions. Over the forum adenoma prostatico dozen years, TCGA generated over 2. The data, which has already lead to improvements in our ability to diagnose, treat, and prevent cancer, will remain publicly available for anyone in the research community to use.

TCGA has changed our understanding of cancer, how research is conducted, how the disease is treated forum adenoma prostatico the clinic, and more. A collection of cross-cancer analyses delving into overarching themes on cancer, including cell-of-origin patterns, oncogenic processes and signaling pathways. Published in at the program's close.

An overview of the 33 different cancers types TCGA selected for study and the criteria used to select them. Some of the data processing, visualization, and other computational tools developed by TCGA network researchers and collaborators. Descriptions and supporting materials for each of the sequencing platforms and forum adenoma prostatico technologies used to generate the TCGA dataset. The events leading up to TCGA's inception in and major milestones in the program's history. Menu Contact Dictionary Search.

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